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My Student Made All-State Band!

Posted by dougbutchy on February 25, 2012

This week, one of my french hornists successfully auditioned into the PA All-State Band. I am so proud and happy for him! He always had a sincere desire to make it to the all-state band since he was a Freshman. At our school, we have a wall in our music wing where the portraits of all 6 of the previous All-State Band participants hangs. Three of them are french horn players. Following our District Festival, we examined his scores and we met and laid out a plan for him to make the all-state band at the next audition at Region Band. What is so exciting about this is that we mapped out exactly what he needed to improve about his playing, and we came up with a practice plan to help him prepare. Then, he stuck to it – faithfully. He practiced every single day for the last six weeks and all of the work that he put in paid off! This is the first student I have ever had in my 8 years of teaching music that has ever made it to state band. I think I might be more excited than him!!

You can read more about it over at our band site here.

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